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    • Matrimonial Litigation – cases of divorce, custody, maintenance, etc

    • Domestic Violence – cases under the Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act 2005

    • Muslim Law – cases under the Muslim Women (Protection of Rights on Divorce Act ) 1986 and Muslim Women (Protection of Rights on Marriages) Act 2019.

    • Senior Citizens Act- Assistance with the processes of filing cases, case laws, pleadings, negotiations, etc at the Tribunal

    • Criminal Litigation- Filing of complaints, petitions, obtaining and executing warrants, filing writs, quashing proceedings, etc

    • Civil Litigation- cases pertaining to Consumer, Debt Recovery Laws, Real Estate Laws, Deeds and Documentation, Legal Opinions, Trade Mark Registrations, Banking and Financial Institution, Leasing, Sale, Acquisition, Landlord/ Tenant Laws, Commercial Loan transactions etc.

    • Arbitration Proceedings- Litigations before the Hon’ble High Court under Section 9 of the Arbitration Act for obtaining Injunctions, Directions, Prohibitory Orders and Furnish Security Orders etc. The work involved includes carrying out a due diligence on the title of the properties, searches in the records of various Government authorities etc.

Awareness Sessions

The awareness sessions are conducted for the NGO’s, Community Based Organizations, Colleges, Corporates, Stake Holders, etc across the country be in virtually or physically. The sessions are simplified and customized for the target audiences.

Some of the Topics in Relation to Stakeholders are as under

For Community Based Organizations/ NGO’s / college students/ professors

    • Sexual Harassment at Workplace including information on redressal forums like Local Committee, Internal Committee, police etc

    • Domestic Violence including information on the Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act 2005, the stake holders and reliefs therein, the processes, strategies, etc

    • Muslim Women including information seeking to clarify misconceptions on Muslim marriages and rights of Muslim women therein, procedures pertaining to valid Talaq, different forms of divorces in Muslims, rights of women post divorce, custodial rights, etc. Topics like Muslim Women Act 1986 and Muslim Women Act 2019 and Dissolution of Muslim Marriages Act 1939 included.

    • Rights Pertaining to Police and Other Stake Holders like Legal Aid, Protection Officers, Medical, etc

    • Process and Procedures in Courts, etc

For Law Colleges

  • All the sessions as mentioned above plus-

    • Drafting of Notices

    • Drafting Petitions (Particularly Matrimonial Litigation, Appeals, Domestic Violence, Muslim Women Act, Bail Applications, Miscellenous Applications, etc)

    • Drafting Written Notes of Arguments and relevance of case laws, etc

For Corporates

    • Sexual Harassment at Workplace which includes awareness sessions for staff and employees and training of the IC members

    • Consultation on policies and important interventions to make workplace safe for women

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