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TKNY Advocates

TKNY ADVOCATES and TKNY LEGAL RESERVOIR is a culmination of over 15 years of cumulative legal experience and knowledge between the founding partners who have represented litigants in matrimonial matters, domestic violence , civil cases and criminal cases

As experienced lawyers, the Founding-Partners have observed the disadvantage litigants face when they are unaware of their rights and so they believe that it is vital to impart knowledge of a legal nature to law students, grass-root community, workers, aspiring lawyers, educationists, professors and corporates. In fact, any lay person is welcome to seek such a service so as to empower and enrich his understanding of law.

The purpose of this website is to reach out to people who wish to increase their knowledge of the prevailing laws and empower the public with all the tools they require to navigate the judicial systems whenever necessary. With knowledge comes power, and through awareness sessions, outreach programmes and consultations, TKNY ADVOCATES and TKNY LEGAL RESERVOIR welcomes opportunities to meet audiences who wish to learn and educate themselves on the nuances of the law, so they can exercise their legal rights