(TKNY’s February 2021 – March 2022!!!)


27th February 2022,

Adv. Tariq Khan conducted a session on Sexual Violence, with Public Prosecutors at Ranchi on 27th February 2022.

March 2022,

Adv Tariq Khan and Team attended the 50th Anniversary of Kurla Bar Council at Mumbai.

8th March 2022,

Adv Nausheen Yousuf was invited as a Guest Speaker on Women’s Day at K.M.E. Society’s G.M. Momin Women’s College Women Development Cell, where she addressed around 200 students on their rights.

8th March 2022,

Adv. Nausheen Yousuf was invited to speak at H.S.N.C. Board’s K . C. Law College on International Women’s Day to it’s students.

12th-13th March 2022,

Adv Nausheen Yousuf delivered a two- day session on Capacity Building Program of Lawyers from Ranchi under the Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act 2005.

15th March 2022,

Adv Nausheen Yousuf attended a meeting organized by Jeevan Aadhar, Dahisar, Mumbai.

26th-27th March 2022,

Adv. Nausheen Yousuf was called to deliver a two-day session at Lucknow for lawyers on Rights of Muslim Women post divorce.

31st  March 2022,

Adv. Nausheen Yousuf conducted an online session on the POSH Act for the team members of IIMPACT, Gurugram.


MS. LEE ANN ALMEIDA, graciously accepted TKNY’s offer to be on it’s Advisory from April 2022. We are happy to have her on Board.
Lee Ann works in the Social and Developmental Sector to prevent violence and support and rehabilitate the victims of violence. She has represented them in Courts. She provides Legal and Social Awareness. She also trains women and children in Self- Defense.
Lee Ann works passionately for the welfare of Humans, Animals and Environment and is passionate about learning, teaching, healing, creativity and spirituality.



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