(TKNY’s May – July 2021!!!)


On 8th May 2021,

Adv. Tariq Khan delivered a session to a team of lawyers from Lucknow and Jharkhand on providing assistance to the Witnesses in Court in cases of Sexual Violence.

On 22nd May 2021,

Adv. Tariq Khan delivered a session to a team of lawyers from Lucknow and Jharkhand on Framing of Charge and Discharge Application. The procedures pertaining to the same were discussed in details, the session also sought to clear doubts regarding the issue.

On 26th May 2021 ,

Adv. Nausheen took a session with Lucknow and Jharkhand based Lawyers on important judgements under the Domestic Violence Act concerning them.  The purpose of the session was to make them aware of the important precedents from their parents High Courts, in order to equip them while dealing with their cases in the Trial Courts.

On 2nd June 2021,

Adv. Nausheen Yousuf was invited on Zoom to take a session with the team members of a rights based organization at Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh. The topic was again on Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act where she covered the definition of domestic violence, the strategies on first responses, rights at the police station, ways and means of accessing the police, rights and reliefs in the courts, stake holders under the Act, etc. The session was well received by all the members.

On 29th June 2021,

Adv. Tariq Khan delivered a session to a team of Lawyers from Lucknow and Jharkhand on the Victim Compensation Scheme and Provisions.

On 7th July 2021,

Adv. Nausheen was invited by Awaz E Niswan to deliver a session to their beneficiaries on Rights of Women at Police Station. The session was for an hour and was interactive.

On 9th July 2021,

Ochre India and TKNY Advocates organized a Panel Discussion on Professional Ethics and Law for the Students of Sarsenapati Hambirrao Mohite Law College, Rajgurunagar. The Panelists were Ms. Pearl Misquitta and Adv. Nausheen Yousuf.

Ms. Misquitta is a humanist and an animal rights activists, who has witnessed the litigation process. She shared her experiences with students and guided them on the ethics of advocacy. The students had a great feedback and could connect with her experiences.

Ms. Yousuf is a lawyer and founder-partner at TKNY. She addressed the students on the legal part of professional ethics and dealt extensively with section 35 of the Advocates Act.

Prof and Adv. Akshaya Desai from Ochre India, moderated the event. She was one of the main organizers to the event. The students had a great learning experience and positive feedback to the session.

On 24th July 2021 – 25th July 2021,

Adv. Nausheen Yousuf was invited at Ranchi to deliver a session on Muslim Law – Marriage and Divorce. Around 40 participants attended the session. The participants were an active group of lawyers working in Ranchi. The session was organized by one of the rights based organization at Ranchi.



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