The Beginnings

            (TKNY’s Very First Monthly Diary!!!)


“A story has no beginning or end: arbitrarily one chooses that moment of experience from which to look back or from which to look ahead.” …

At TKNY, we looked back to our people we worked with, for years together and realized our biggest assets. This month has been a month of formulation of TKNY Advocates and Legal Reservoir.

About US We are a team of Lawyers, Academicians and Humanitarians who wish to reach out to people to increase their knowledge and understanding of the prevailing laws and empower them with all the means they require to navigate the judicial system whenever necessary. With knowledge comes power and through awareness sessions and consultations, TKNY welcomes opportunities to meet audiences who wish to learn and educate themselves.

Our Team, Our Life Line The team is divided into five clusters. 1) Our Founder-Partners i.e. Adv. Tariq Khan and Adv. Nausheen Yousuf. 2) Our Advisory i.e. Ms. Pearl Misquitta, Adv.Viraj Chandrakant Rane, Prof. and Adv. Akshaya Desai, 3) Our Advocates on Team- Adv. Anand Tripathi, Adv. Gopal Rajpurohit, Adv. Rohit Yadav 4) Our Diligent Interns- Mr. Hussain Khan, Mr. Adil Ansari, Ms. Shreya Mohapatra, 5) Our Admin and Accounts- Mr. Zoheb Mandviwala (our team’s backbone).

Partnerships This MonthOur Founder-Partners have been invited as consultants and mentors to a team of lawyers at Lucknow.

Adv. Yousuf is invited to be an external committee member for Sexual Harassment at Workplace with one of the corporates. She has also been selected as one of the team members with WICCI, Maharashtra.

ActivitiesOur Founder-Partner, Adv. Yousuf has conducted sessions for women on their “Rights Pertaining to Police” with two of the esteemed NGO’s in Mumbai i.e. Awaz E Niswan and CORO through its offshoot Right to Pee. The sessions were highly interactive and well appreciated.


TKNY would like to extend it’s heartfelt gratitude to our Advisory Team particularly to Ms. Pearl Misquitta and Prof. Akshaya Desai for helping us in our making.

Special thanks to our Admin Person – Mr. Zoheb Mandviwala for the help and support in developing our website.

It would be a pleasure to engage with everyone and apprise about our work every month.

Looking forward to healthy interactions.



Nausheen Yousuf,


TKNY Advocates and TKNY Legal Reservoir


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